Sunday, September 30, 2012


THAT WOULD BE A HILARIOUS NAME FOR A DOG. Or for people who name their penis's.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Paper Gowns and Gynecologists

It was time to have that dreaded 'woman appointment'. UGH!

I was in the room waiting patiently when the nurse came in to let me know that I could put the gown on and the doctor would be right in.  So, I disrobed and picked up the gown. The paper gown. I thought that surely I had picked up the paper blanket-sheet-thing that they get you to lie on. Nope. The gown was paper. When did they come out with these things?  That was merely my first thought. As I started to unfold it -what an orgiami experience!- I began to panic and other thoughts began to rampage thru my mind. What happens if it rips?! What if I'm nervous and sweaty? What is this slippery plastic string-thing? Did I break it already? Are they recyclable? How does it stay closed? And again: What if it rips?!?!

All these thoughts were raging in my head but were soon swept aside because of one startling observation: How the HELL do I put this thing on!? 

Turns out that, yes: They DO rip easily, that plastic thing was a very slippery robe tie that did NOT look liked it would work and yes; if you sweat...well. Moving on...

I would just like to say at this point that my doctor is AMAZING. He is so intelligent, he listens to me and he always makes me feel 100% better regardless of why I have come to see him.
Now, this table that you have to become closely associated with happens to be in a very small room. It's small because it is a private practice so they make use of what room they have. And boy did they make use of this room.
I am going to end this blog by saying that when you pack a 12 foot table in a 15 foot room, it doesn't leave much room at the end of the table for much else. That includes the doctor.

And this is why I know that my doctor has very soft hair. Because he had to do my test sideways with the top of his head mashed against my leg.

Have a good day.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Heart Skulls

That's right! I love em! I also have an affinity for halloween and things on the side of macabre.

If you would like more of an idea of what I like, click here: and then click on his toy shop! Its BRILLIANT! This guy is so talented! He writes dark stories, develops video games, creates free downloadable artwork for you to make and best of all, hes a very talented artist! Be sure to give him a kudos in an email if you have time.

Moving on, below is my Skull Stack. I made a bunch of these great skulls, stacked them, giggled about it, took pics and then put them away.
..ok I did that exact same thing twice cause it was fun, but hey, the creating was so fun! I think I will either put them in a bowl for the kids to play with at the Halloween party, or hang them from the ceiling...or possibly stick them on fairy lights so they glow...hmmm... Oh the ideas!

I found the .pdf for them on this site: I found this site ages ago. I love it and I hope you will too! As for WHERE I found the .pdf, it just so happens to have re-appeared TODAY, so look under September 23 for it! I highly recommend making them. The jaw is completely moveable!! So much fun to be had.

Ok, now on to the pics!

Ok. Last but not least, I decided to include my motorcycle helmet in with this post. Why? uh... cause its cool.

That's it for today folks.
Don't forget: Live Artistically!